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History of hotel Besední dům in Valtice goes back at least 18th and 19th centuries. At this point it became so. Mikulovské toll. Street where our hotel is located, is among the oldest in Valtice and in earlier times, there stood a splendid manor houses. For the needs of passengers originated in the same place first inn, where buyers could enter with their goods to the yard and spend the night. Back city gates were closed at sunset and if the buyer arrived later, he had to spend the night outside the walls. The original building was called the Deutsches Haus / ie German House / after 1920 renamed the Besední dům. The building of the Besední dům was for decades the citizens of Valtice scene of social events, feasts, cultural celebrations, City Council meeting.

In the last twenty years has been the object of the hotel Besední dům sell the city council Valtice relatively unfavorable manner and without any warranties. The building underwent an unsuccessful reconstruction. The owners fled to Ireland and Hall remained debts hundreds of thousands of crowns for the unpaid land. In 2012 we managed to trace the original owner and fugitive subject to repurchase. We secured the payment of the almost barred obligations in favor of Valtice. Between 2012 and 2013 there was a creation of the hotel Besední dům  Ltd., and the new owners decided to save this property and invest considerable resources to restore this building in the heart of Valtice. For the price of considerable efforts have been achieved thanks to full-scale reconstruction desired result.

In October 2013 hotel Besední dům was reopened after an extensive renovation. The hotel now has a stylish First Republic café, wellness center with whirlpool, sauna and relaxation room with comfortable rocking chairs. There is also a massage room. The second and third floor is used as luxuriously furnished hotel for a total of 57 people with lift, air conditioning and rooms with private bathroom. We believe that through the efforts of a few people come alive again one ancient monument new life and will serve future generations.

Thanks to all who participated in the construction intensively or without whom this thing could never arise - namely Ing. Karel Vavra, Ing. Vaňkátovi, Ing. Kurdík and Ing. Marek Šťastný.

The team Besední Dům.

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